Welcome to Cosmedicure

Welcome aboard the Cosmedicure combination of clinical foot health with a cosmetic twist

Todays modern practice needs diversification to succeed but the foundation of success is the health of patients lower limbs, feet and nails.

Often a secondary concern in today’s image conscious society, we are afforded the privileged position to educate, encourage and ensure conditions don’t remain undiagnosed therefore untreated.

With healthcare our main priority many patients can be engaged by offering immediate improvements alongside ongoing treatment plans.
Cosmedicure courses, information and resources are available to qualified and insured FHPs, Podiatrists /Chiropodists and are designed by a foot health professional.

So let’s get to work providing knowledge, an incentive and encourage many more to have great looking healthy feet.

Cosmedicure Nail Reconstruction

Below are a few examples of our Cosmedicure Courses

Cosmedicure Nail Reconstruction

Cosmedicure Colour

Cosmedicure Basic Nail Care

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